Many producers use a price per pound of hanging weight plus all of the processing and packaging costs.  Most producers will also charge more per pound for smaller quantities such as a quarter.  A good rule of thumb is that the hanging weight will be roughly 60% of the live weight, and the retail weight will be about 70% of the hanging weight.  This pricing methodology results in you receiving about 70% of the meat that you pay for, plus the processing and packaging costs.


If you are purchasing a quarter-side, many producers require you to choose either a hind-quarter or a fore-quarter, each of which have different cuts.  (Refer to our Beef Cuts Tab)


We have always found this to be confusing.  So, at Hill Cattle Company, we have tried to simplify the purchasing experience.

All of our quarters are mixed so that every quarter purchased from the same harvest has the same cuts.

Our pricing is simply by the retail pound.  No processing.  No packaging.  You pay for exactly what you get, plus applicable sales tax.

Amount Yield 2014 Price 2015 Price
1 quarter Approximately 100 pounds $7.00/lb $8.00/lb
1 half Approximately 200 pounds $7.00/lb $8.00/lb
1 whole Approximately 400 pounds $7.00/lb $8.00/lb