Animal Welfare

Did You Know?

Animal Welfare Approved

  • Has the highest standards for animal welfare, according to the World Society for the Protection of Animals
  • Is the only USDA approves label that prohibits feedlots, cages and crates
  • Requires that animals be raised outdoors on pasture or range
  •  Means healthier and safer products for you
  •  Utilizes sustainable farming methods, leaving a smaller carbon footprint than other farming systems
  • Supports genuinely independent family farmers who ensure the care of their animals
  • Is the top choice for better tasting meat, dairy and eggs
  • Audits its farms annually, assuring adherence to its standards
  • Publishes its standards on its website at
  • Is a program of a nonprofit organization, which is funded by private donations, allowing the audit and certification to be offered to farmers at no cost
  • Promotes animal welfare, supports family farmers, protects the environment and serves conscientious consumers